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FoodBusinessNews ® NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY May 2, 2006 President promotes ethanol as part of solution to high gas prices Mixed results at Hershey Foods 15 Food as medicine 22 Simplifying the supermarket shopping experience 36 MARKET WATCH WASHINGTON - As the cost of a barrel of crude oil hovers above $70 and U.S. gas prices climb toward $3 per gallon, President George W. Bush has taken to speaking more about alternative fuels, particularly ethanol. Promoting the use of the fuel recently was included as part of the president's four-part plan to confront higher gas prices. "Technology is the way to help change America for the better," said Mr. Bush, in a speech before the Renewable Fuels Association last week. "Years of investment in fuels like ethanol have put us on the threshold of major breakthroughs. I set a goal to replace oil from around the world. The best way to do so is to expand the use of ethanol." One aspect of Mr. Bush's four-part energy plan is the Continued on Page 16 THIS PHOTO COURTESY OF AP/WORLDWIDE Nimble Nestle Becoming the 'very model of a modern major food company' Pork belly supplies were down 17% from a year ago. Images of a powerful collection of fast moving boats, swiftly navigating the water in tight formation come to mind when Peter Brabeck-Letmathe offers his vision of where Nestle, S.A. is headed. "I see the Nestle of the future as a fleet of agile, fast-moving businesses, with lead- ing brands in value-added categories," Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman and chief executive officer said in the company's 2005 management report. "The businesses will be fast moving because they will be focused on their consumers, innovation and communication, and they will be 'a fleet' because they will be linked, regardless of where they are in the world, by shared consumer insights, research and development and smart leveraging of our scale." Such a vision stands in marked contrast to the Nestle of the recent past. A lumbering ocean liner is a more likely descriptor Continued on Page 28

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Food Business News - May 02, 2006