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FoodBusinessNews ® July 8, 2008 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Salmonella investigation expands 20 Innovation a driver for ConAgra 24 Allergies on the rise 29 MARKET W WATCH ATCH U.S. processed vegetables in 1,000 acres 1,300 $1,750 1,250 $1,500 1,225 $1,250 2005 Defining what is natural NEW ORLEANS - The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to release two Federal Register notices concerning the definition of natural, and they may come later this year, said Dr. Daniel Engeljohn, deputy assistant administrator in the office of policy and program development for the department's Food Safety and Inspection Service (F.S.I.S.). The first notice from the F.S.I.S. would offer proposed rulemaking and request comments. The second notice, also from the F.S.I.S., would issue an interim policy statement. "The agency is far enough along that we believe we will have this published by end of calendar year," Mr. Engeljohn said June 29 in a session titled "What is Natural?" at the Institute of Food Technologists' Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans. The event drew a standing-room-only crowd of more than 200 to a meeting Continued on Page 33 value in millions $2,000 1,275 1,200 EX I. C L F. T US . IV E U.S.D.A. draws closer to a definition; F.D.A. remains too busy 2006 2007 2008* Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture $1,000 Congress considers initiatives aimed at giving C.F.T.C. more manpower, muscle *forecast Measures look to improve oversight of energy markets M Planted area is down 2% since 2005 while value is up 40%. W WASHINGTON - Before breaking for the Independence Day recess, the House of Representatives passed by a vote of 402 to 19 the Energy Markets Emergency Act of 2008 requiring the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (C.F.T.C.) to use its existing powers and authority, including emergency powers, to curb excessive speculation in the energy futures markets. The lopsided vote testified to the fact no new authorities were conferred on the C.F.T.C. but also reflected strong support in Congress for more assertive federal oversight of the energy markets. Immediately after the Independence Day recess, the House Committee on Agriculture will discuss more far-reaching bills addressing concerns over possible manipulation of energy markets by speculators, and Continued on Page 27

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Food Business News - Jul 08, 2008