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FoodBusinessNews ® NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Back door nutrition May 26, 2009 Innovation on hold Analysts say thinner new product pipeline makes sense ... for now 24 Savoring snack flavors 3 37 Future carbon footprints 60 MARKET WATCH N ew product introductions, long thought to be the lifeblood of food company growth, has slowed markedly, Wall Street analysts interviewed last week by Food Business News said. The analysts applauded the retrenchment ... at least for the near term. "I can't give you a statistic to corroborate that, but I've definitely heard companies put aside some new product development because they don't expect consumers to be very adventurous in this environment," said Mitchell Pinheiro, an analyst with Janney Montgomery in Philadelphia. "I think most companies are talking about promoting value as opposed to Continued tinued on Page 43 Grade A large egg prices 120 Stevia: Seeking answers on taste, supply and cost 100 80 60 cents per dozen 40 Jan. 2009 Feb. March April May Retail egg prices have dropped 50% since their Easter peak. Sweetener suppliers ramp up supply, await consumer response C oncerns over supply and consumer taste acceptance still linger for stevia-based sweeteners, but count Hank Cardello, a Diet Coke brand manager in the 1980s, as a fan. Mr. Cardello, chief executive officer of the advisory company 27 Degrees North, said he sees parallels between the introduction of Rebaudioside A, an allnatural zero-calorie sweetener extracted from the stevia plant, and the introduction of aspartame, which is used in the production of NutraSweet. "I think it could revolutionize the business the same way aspartame did for diet drinks in the early 1980s," he said. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December said it had no objections to the use of Rebaudioside A in foods and beverages. Recently launched beverages such as Sprite Green and Vitaminwater 10 Continued on Page 55

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Food Business News - May 26, 2009