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FoodBusinessNews ® June 23, 2009 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY National menu labeling legislation gains momentum 20 Novel ingredients support joint health 39 Marketing healthier fats 40 Special Report Salt, SOFAS may face challenge in 2010 Dietary Guidelines ANAHEIM, CALIF. - Sodium and SOFAS (solid fats, alcohol and added sugars) potentially may face more negative critiques in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans while prebiotics and probiotics may be explored, said Eric J. Hentges, director of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Dr. Hentges, now executive director of Washington-based International Life Sciences Institution North America, spoke June 8 in the session "The evolution of dietary guidance: Lessons learned and new frontiers," at the Institute of Food Technologists' annual meeting and food exposition. The 2010 Guidelines may tell Americans to reduce SOFAS. The Guidelines also may drop their level of maximum daily sodium intake to 1,500 mg from 2,300 mg, Dr. Hentges said. The Guidelines may go into more detail MARKET WATCH Continued on Page 25 Sweet, tart cherry production in thousand tons 127 311 2007 Tart 107 247 2008 Sweet 142 375 Restoring consumer confidence The peanut and pistachio industries ramp up food safety efforts 2009 Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Total 2009 cherry production is forecast up 46% from 2008. P eanuts and pistachios have had a tough time so far in 2009. Two major food recalls seriously impacted sales and consumer confidence. But representatives from both industries say they aren't looking back - they're looking ahead determined to restore consumer confidence and ramp up their food safety programs. Strategies will focus on educating consumers about the nutritional value of peanuts and pistachios, while growers and processors re-evaluate Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.s) and Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.s). Patrick Archer, president of the American Peanut Council, said the peanut industry had several food safety initiatives under way since 2007, when the industry had a previous Salmonella outbreak. "We set up an industry expert committee on food safety, which was made up of microbiologists and other experts in the industry, and they did a top-to-bottom review Continued on Page 45

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Food Business News - Jun 23, 2009