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November 9, 2010 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY e2 Pa g on ry Sto NEW YORK - An in-depth review of Nestle S.A. operations in the United States highlighted a New York press conference conducted in conjunction with the release of the company's third-quarter financial results in late October. A range of top company executives emphasized the importance of the U.S. market and how Nestle is applying its emphasis on health and wellness within the United States. Introducing the presentations, Paul Bulcke, Nestle chief executive officer, said it was the first time Nestle had held its third-quarter press conference anywhere but in Switzerland. Among the reasons cited by Mr. Bulcke was the sheer size of the U.S. market for Continued on Page 20 9 Nestle's growing foothold in North America Polyols take lead role in sugar-reduction efforts KANSAS CITY - "Quiet reduction" will become a trend that impacts several ingredients used in consumer packaged goods in 2011, according to Mintel. Polyols, also known as sugar alcohols, may have an impact on that trend, especially when it comes to sugar reduction. "Sodium, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are three well-known ingredients that appear to be experiencing covert reductions in product formulations," Mintel said. "While sodium reduction has long been the focus of 'quiet reduction,' sugar and HFCS are jumping on board." Polyols may help formulators take Continued on Page 41 Sugar futures spike Racing to the front of the pack(age) Food groups unveil initiative as F.D.A. develops its own criteria WASHINGTON - The Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association announced that they have formed a partnership to develop a front-of-package labeling system designed to inform consumers about the nutritional attributes of food and beverage products. As part of the initiative, member companies from both trade associations have committed $50 million to a consumer education campaign about the new front-of-package system. The new labeling effort will be introduced in 2011. The food industry initiative was launched even as the Food and Drug Administration considered public comments and information and a recently published report by the Institute of Medicine in connection with the agency developing its own voluntary front-of-package nutrition label program. The F.M.I.-G.M.A. partnership was announced almost a year after the front-ofpackage Smart Choices nutrition labeling program was suspended. Many food and beverage companies were participating or beginning to participate in the program at the time. The suspension of the program was prompted after both the F.D.A. and the Connecticut attorney general began asking questions regarding the criteria on which the Smart Choices nutrition program was based. The food industry associations said that in the coming months they will finalize the Continued on Page 30

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Food Business News - Nov 09, 2010