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August 13, 2013 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Energy beverage marketing sparks Senate scrutiny WASHINGTON — Executives from Red Bull, Monster Beverage Corp. and Rockstar, Inc. defended their products and marketing practices during a U.S. Senate Hearing on July 31 to examine the advertising of energy drinks to children. Each company asserted before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that adolescents and teenagers are not the intended demographic for the products, which the companies noted are safe for consumption by children and lower in caffeine than coffeehouse drinks. But public health officials at the hearing argued that not only are adolescents Continued on Page 22 Kraft prepares for battle Innovative ways to formulate with whey t was not long ago cheese makers cringed when they thought about whey, because it was considered a worthless byproduct, one that required extra effort to ensure proper disposal. How things have changed. Today, it is one of the most in-demand ingredients in the food and beverage formulating world. The milk from cows contains two types of proteins: casein and whey. Casein remains in the curd during cheesemaking while whey is washed away in the liquid stream after curd draining. Interestingly, the tables have turned for cheese makers, with many producers Continued on Page 34 I Story on Page 20 Sugar supply glut pummels prices year ago when sugar producers gathered for the 29th annual International Sweetener Symposium sugar prices were 42c a lb f.o.b. Midwest, the projected 2012-13 sugar ending stocks-to-use ratio was 14.7% and there was optimism a new farm bill with an unchanged sugar program A would be enacted by the end of 2012. Last week at the 30th annual Symposium held in Napa, Calif., sugar prices were 25.5c a lb, the 2012-13 stocks-to-use ratio was 18.8%, the farm bill still was not passed and the market outlook was for more of the same. Sugar prices a year ago were down about 25% from 2011, when values were on their way to highs near 60c a lb, but few if any saw values tumbling another 40% to current five-year lows. As was noted at the Symposium, a combination of largerthan-expected beet and cane sugar production in the United States and record sugar output in Mexico led to a sugar glut, which has led the U.S. Department of Agriculture to spend about $50 million to reduce domestic supplies to at least temporarily stave off sugar loan forfeitures, the Continued on Page 24 ®

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Food Business News - August 13, 2013
Energy beverage marketing sparks Senate scrutiny
Innovative ways to formulate with whey
Sugar supply glut pummels prices
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F.D.A. defines ‘gluten-free’
TreeHouse acquires Canadian dry grocery manufacturer
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Study puts sugary beverages back in the spotlight
Pivot on preschool obesity rates
Harry’s Fresh Foods acquired by soup, sauce manufacturer
Chicken, beef give Tyson Foods wings
Campbell continues to refine its soup business
Boulder Brands, restaurant chains have gluten-free talks
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Kraft prepares for battle
F.D.A. proposals focus on imported foods and third-party auditors
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Food Business News - August 13, 2013