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October 22, 2013 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Reasons for gluten-free trend revealed CHICAGO - Sixty-five per cent of consumers who eat or used to eat glutenfree foods do so because they think they are healthier, and 27% eat them because they feel they aid in weight loss efforts, according to research from Mintel. But the eating patterns may be based on a faulty premise. "It's really interesting to see that consumers think gluten-free foods are healthier and can help them lose weight because there's been no research affirming these beliefs," said Amanda Topper, food analyst at Mintel. "The view that these foods and beverages are healthier than their gluten-containing counterparts is a Continued on Page 12 Botanical beverages: Where natural products and functional foods collide Story on Page 44 Whole Foods putting value into context BOSTON - Executives at Whole Foods Market, Inc. believe the company is in "the early innings" of educating consumers about the value proposition that its stores carry. "I think we have always had good value," Walter Robb, co-chief executive officer, said during an Oct. 2 presentation at the Wells Fargo Retail and Restaurant Summit held in Boston. "I think we have done a poor job communicating what the value is that we do have." Specifically, Mr. Robb pointed to the inherent value in the company's 365 Everyday Value product line. Introduced in 1997, the 365 Everyday Value line has Continued on Page 24 Egg white craze pushes prices to record highs nprecedented demand for egg whites has pushed prices to record highs as major fast-food chains increase offerings of healthier alternatives for breakfast. But the rise in egg white demand has left a "casualty" in its wake - egg yolks - which are languishing in oversupply. U Nearly all fast-food and quick-service restaurant chains now feature one or more whites-only breakfast items, but the surge in egg white demand and prices mostly mirrors the introduction of McDonalds' Egg White Delight (a revamped Egg McMuffin) in April 2013. "The egg white craze started ridiculous and took off from there," one egg processor said, noting that he has recently had to ration sales of dried egg whites and dried whole eggs to his customers. "It's hurt small bakeries the most," another egg processor noted, adding that they "can't keep dried whites in stock." Most restaurant chains featuring egg white entrees buy them as patties from food processors or from a limited number of large egg processors who both break Continued on Page 28 ®

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Food Business News - October 22, 2013
Reasons for gluten-free trend revealed
Whole Foods putting value into context
Egg white craze pushes prices to record highs
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Whole Foods putting value into context
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Food Business News - October 22, 2013