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November 5, 2013 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Starbucks caps a record year, looks to diversify SEATTLE - Starbucks Corp. is swapping foam for fizz in its newest non-coffee concept. Figuring heavily into the java giant's growth strategy lately have been the integrations of La Boulange bakery products, Teavana teas and Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices. Now, the company wants a taste of the $100 billion global cold carbonated beverage industry, by leveraging its customized beverage retail platform with sodas. "Carbonation, that is a new category for us," said Howard Schultz, chairman, president and chief executive officer, during an Oct. 30 earnings call with financial analysts. "The test results in Austin Continued on Page 20 Beef prices reach record highs Story on Page 32 Nestle feeling chilly reception for frozen foods VEVEY, SWITZERLAND - Frozen foods remains a "mixed picture" for Nestle S.A. in North America, where sales of Lean Cuisine and several frozen pizza brands have cooled in recent quarters. During an Oct. 17 call with analysts to discuss nine-month sales, the company addressed some of the challenges facing its biggest food category in North America. "If you dig in a little bit deeper into frozen food, you'll see that it's a bit of a mixed picture," said Chris Johnson, executive vice-president and zone director for U.S.A., Canada, Latin America and Caribbean regions. While the Stouffer's brand has been Continued on Page 28 Just add chocolate Chocolate and cocoa add a variety of flavors and functions to dairy products rom a tall glass of cold white milk to a plain cup of strained yogurt, au naturel dairy products have succeeded in the marketplace. But add cocoa and chocolate ingredients and those same plain dairy products become downright indulgent. The good news is that unlike some F indulgence foods, a growing number of consumers look at dairy products made with cocoa and chocolate ingredients as a better-for-you option when compared to other treats. The dairy component provides essential protein, vitamins and minerals, while the cocoa is packed with antioxidants. "Healthy chocolate sounds like a dream come true, but chocolate hasn't gained the status of health food quite yet," said Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., senior medical editor with the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. "Still, chocolate's reputation is on the rise, as a growing number of studies suggest that it can be a heart-healthy choice." Chocolate and its main ingredient, cocoa, appear to reduce risk factors for heart disease. "It's the flavanols in cocoa beans that have Continued on Page 44 ®

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Food Business News -- November 5, 2013
Starbucks caps a record year, looks to diversify
Nestle feeling chilly reception for frozen foods
Just add chocolate
Beef prices reach record highs
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Editorial - Ending waste as world food answer
Kraft, McDonald’s to test coffee partnership
Sales slip in Unilever’s Foods, Refreshment segments
Nestle USA shaking up frozen pizza business
Dr Pepper Snapple bets on TEN
Hershey plumps new product pipeline
Former Frito-Lay, Nestle executive to head Ready Pac
New president and c.o.o. at Kroger
Deal-driven restaurant dining on the rise
McDonald’s stretches dollar menu
Dunkin’ facing challenges from unlikely rivals
Vegan guidelines join vegetarian pyramid
Chipotle spills the beans on price hike
C.D.C. links Texas cyclospora outbreak to cilantro
Jensen brothers plead guilty in 2011 Listeria outbreak
Campbell Soup closes sale of European simple meals business
Washington - F.D.A. asking for more time
Market Insight - Beef prices reach record highs
Health and Wellness - In search of alternative sources of energy
Red Bull North America faces $85 million lawsuit over death
Ingredient Innovations - Nuts seen adding additional layer of product appeal
Seeds may inject innovation into product formulation
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Ingredient Market Trends - I.G.C. forecasts record corn, soybean, rice and wheat crops
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Food Business News -- November 5, 2013