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Dunkin' Donuts NextGen stores
to emphasize espresso

Dunkin' Brands new
store format will feature
espresso machines and
high-volume brewers.

Donut cases to shift to front and center of stores
United States this year, 50 will be NextGen
stores, said Katherine D. Jaspon, chief financial officer of Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc.
"You'll see a bigger shift into the
NextGen stores as we move into the


BOSTON - "NextGen" Dunkin' Donuts
restaurants are featuring espresso machines and more prominent locations for
donut cases. While the chain expects to
open a total of more than 275 stores in the

1,000 stores we expect to open over the
next three years," she said at the RBC
Capital Markets Consumer and Retail
Conference May 31 in Boston.
NextGen restaurants feature
equipment such as tap systems, espresso
machines, high-volume brewers and

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label printers, she said. David L. Hoffmann, president of Dunkin' Donuts U.S.
and Canada, said espresso is part of the
chain's beverage-led focus.
"If you're going to be beverage-led,
we're going to go there (with espresso),"
he said. "We're going to go there in a big
way. The way we're looking about this internally is, this isn't a new piece of equipment or this isn't a new product launch.
This is going to be a full culture change
for us and really focusing on being an
espresso culture within a restaurant."
Bringing donut cases from the back
to front and center should provide "instant pop" in terms of donut movement
at the NextGen stores, he said. FBN

Albertsons debuts
Signature Reserve
private label line
BOISE, IDAHO - Albertsons Companies
is expanding its Own Brands portfolio
with the debut of Signature Reserve, a
line the retailer describes as "a new top
shelf culinary presence." The initial
launch of Signature Reserve will focus
on seven ice cream varieties featuring

June 12, 2018

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