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indulgence to confections and snacks.
The American Licorice Co. debuted Red
Vines Cinnamon Roll Twistettes featuring flavors of cinnamon and frosting.
Angie's Boomchickapop, a business unit
of Conagra Brands, has added a cinnamon roll drizzled kettle corn variety.
Lehi Valley Trading Co. offers Snackworthy Simply Cinnamon Roll Puffs, which
are baked crispy corn puffs featuring a
cinnamon spice caramel coating.
New to the Flapjacked Mighty Muffins line is a cinnamon roll variety, which
has 20 grams of protein and contains
hints of real frosting.
TH Foods, Inc. debuted a range of
snack mix components, including a
cinnamon bun stick - a sesame stick
dipped in honey and lightly coated with a
sweet cinnamon bun seasoning.

from Ready Nutrition contain 10 grams
of pea protein and are available in barbecue, cinnamon and sugar, pink Himalayan sea salt and sweet chipotle flavors.

Puffs aplenty

A ball of energy

Year of the dragon fruit

New extrusion methods are bringing more puffed, popped, dried and
crisped textures to the salty snacks segment. Examples at the Sweets & Snacks
Expo included puffs made with chickpeas, beets and activated charcoal.
Crunch-A-Mame organic edamame
puffs from Greenwave Foods, Inc. contain 7 grams of protein per serving and
include flavors such as barbecue, cheddar and ranch. Peeled Snacks offers a line
of organic baked pea puffs in Parmesan,
nacho and butter and sea salt varieties.
Cosmos Creations recently added Welch's
Multigrain Fruit Puffs in strawberry,
mixed berry and concord grape flavors.
At least two exhibitors at the show offered peanut butter puffs.

Energy balls are emerging as a
portable alternative to bar formats.
Brands spotted at the Sweets & Snacks
Expo included Bounce from Bounce
Foods Ltd., The Protein Ball Co. and Orbs
Organic Raw Bite Snacks. From 1908
Brands, Thrive Tribe provides a paleo
twist on the trend, featuring a range of
grain-free, dairy-free flavors, including
banana chip, apricot pecan and ginger
spice. Enjoy Life, a subsidiary of Mondelez International, is expanding its
allergen-free Protein Bites line with dark
raspberry and chocolate banana flavors.
A new product line from pladis
North America is Chuah Energy Snack
Bites, featuring fruits, nuts and seeds
dipped in dark chocolate.

Sweet, snappy and vibrantly pink,
dragon fruit is showing up in new, nutrient-dense snacks. Also known as pitaya,
the exotic fruit appears in a crunchy chip
format from several brands, including
Made in Nature and Pocas, a brand of
Pocas International, and stars in Evolve
Brands' Supernola Dragonfruit Lemon
Zest snack bar. Other products at the
Sweets & Snacks Expo highlighting
dragon fruit include Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats Raspberry Pitaya and Welch's
Fruit Snacks Superfruit Mix from Promotion in Motion Companies, Inc.

On a (cinnamon) roll

More protein, please

Like birthday cake and s'mores, cinnamon roll is rising as a popular flavor
profile, adding nostalgia and nuanced

New chips, popcorn and crackers
pack a protein punch. A brand called
Shrewd Food features a line of snack
puffs in sweet and savory flavors with 14
grams of protein per serving.
SkinnyPop, now owned by the
Hershey Co., unveiled protein popcorn,
with 5 grams per serving, in ranch and
cheddar and cracked pepper varieties.
Ips Perfect Snacks from Ips All
Natural L.L.C. offered chips and popcorn made with whey protein. Flavors
include cinnamon churro, barbecue and
aged white cheddar. Crickstart organic
crackers from the Crickstart Food Co.
contain 6 grams of protein from Canadian-farmed crickets. Varieties include
olive and chili.
A line of plant-based protein puffs


Cinnamon roll is rising as a popular flavor on
new sweets and snacks.

June 12, 2018


peanut butter with jelly, and honey with
A similar snack, Popper Duos,
which are manufactured by Calbee
North America, featured crunchy baked
bites made with peas or lentils with two
flavors per package. The Mac & Cheese
variety matches white cheddar and
yellow cheddar pieces, while BBQ and
ranch pairs barbecue and creamy ranch
flavored bites, and the zesty queso variety contains salsa and yellow cheddar
flavors. Consumers are encouraged to eat
the pieces individually or in tandem to
enjoy three unique tastes.
In the candy category, Just Born
Quality Confections debuted Hot Tamales Fire & Ice, which combines the classic
cinnamon candies with new blue cool
mint candies in a box.

Product developers are adding protein to a
wide variety of snack applications.

Sweet on beans
Traditionally seen in savory snacks,
beans add crunch and nutrition to
indulgent offerings highlighted at the
show. Biena Snacks recently expanded
its line of sweet, coated chickpeas with
a Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookie inspired
Lebby Snacks, a brand from Healthy
Habits Delivered, L.L.C., offered a range
of crunchy chickpeas in milk chocolate,
dark chocolate, mocha and sesame
honey varieties. Saffron Road recently
introduced a line of indulgent chickpea
snacks, including dark chocolate chai,
salted caramel, honey roasted and dark
chocolate flavors.
Another legume, black edamame,
stars in a line of premium indulgent
snacks from Greenwave Foods. The
toasted beans feature flavors including
dark chocolate, salted caramel coconut,
toasted coconut and white chocolate
matcha. FBN
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