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Being precise with protein
in sports nutrition products
The source of protein may help reach niche markets like
millennials and people seeking free-from products


s more mainstream consumers,
and not just professional athletes
and dedicated body builders,
seek sports nutrition products, food and
beverage formulators may consider targeting niche markets. Think millennials,
people with allergies or people seeking
clean label or free-from products.
The source of protein in such
products becomes important in these
scenarios. Besides dairy and soy, protein
may be sourced from chicken and
almonds. Whatever the protein source,
formulators also may wish to consider
the amount of creatine, glutamine and
leucine in the protein source.
FrieslandCampina DMV took millennials into account in its Nutri Whey
Native whey protein ingredient line. A
consumer research effort sought to understand the needs of millennials.
"In this recent insights and innovation study executed in the U.K. and
U.S., we discovered that naturalness
of ingredients is an important value

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that is increasingly seen as a necessity," said Benjamin Maclean, product
group manager. "Offering more natural
concepts based on a few pure ingredients
can create exciting opportunities for our
customers to engage new audiences and
grow their businesses."
Nutri Whey Native is derived from
raw milk with minimal processing and
ceramic micro-filtration as purification,
which preserves the pure native proteins
in the milk. Nutri Whey Native has a
high concentration of leucine, a factor
in muscle protein synthesis. FrieslandCampina DMV will provide samples with
Nutri Whey Native during IFT18, the
Institute of Food Technologists' annual
meeting and food exposition in Chicago
July 15-18.
"Consumers around the world are
seeking more natural and less processed
food and supplements with proven
health benefits," Mr. Maclean said. "This
trend is observed in the sports nutrition
space, and at the same time, there is a

fast-growing lifestyle 'active consumers'
segment interested in nutrition and
healthy living. Convergence of these segments has created market potential for
protein-enriched nutrition products with
a natural positioning, targeting both
serious athletes and new mainstream
consumers looking to fuel a more active

Addressing the issue of allergens
People seeking to avoid ingredients
associated with allergens are a target
audience for sports products with ChikPro chicken protein isolate powder from
International Dehydrated Foods, Springfield, Mo. ChikPro is free of gluten, dairy
and soy, and it is a "friendly" ingredient
for people following specialty diets such
as ketogenic and paleo, said Stephanie
Lynch, vice-president of sales, marketing
and technology for I.D.F.
"Many sports nutrition products
are made with soy or whey, which can be
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