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good options for some, while others may
be avoiding dairy, lactose or soy-based
products," she said. "While soy and whey
are mainstream in protein supplement
products, the fact is, many people are
allergic to these (and other) common
sources of protein. Dairy, wheat and soy
are present on the list of eight major food
ChikPro is low in sodium at 25 mg
per 100 grams. It has a potassium:sodium ratio of 2:1. ChikPro is rich in electrolytes and offers 13 grams of glutamine, an
essential amino acid, per 100 grams.
"Glutamine is important for sports
nutrition products because the body will
break down protein stores (muscle) to
release this amino acid if it isn't able to
produce an adequate amount," Ms. Lynch
said. "Additionally, it may help improve

produced in the body, it is important for
athletes to maintain healthy levels of
this amino acid by consuming naturally
protein-rich foods," he said.
He added, "Almonds are nutritionally dense and have long been regarded as
a satisfying, versatile way to fuel healthy,
active lifestyles. Whether eaten alone,
formulated in a bar or included in the
ingredient mix of your favorite product,
almonds and almond products are an
easy way for formulators and consumers alike to add powerful nutrition and
crunch to pre-workout or post-workout
bars, snacks and meals."

Breaking down different proteins
Some formulators may wish to
investigate the differences between plant



That ingredients in
sports nutrition products
are viewed as natural is
important to consumers.




recovery after exercise."
ChikPro also contains leucine, isoleucine and valine.
"These three essential amino acids
make up about 35% of the body's muscle
protein," Ms. Lynch said. "They are
important in sports nutrition products
because they provide fuel for muscles
and minimize the breakdown of proteins
during exercise."
Bar and beverage formulators
may incorporate chicken protein into
both sweet and savory applications, she
Almonds are a source of glutamine and other amino acids, including
branched chain amino acids (B.C.A.A.s),
said Jeff Smith, director of marketing,
Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division
"While 90% of glutamine is
June 12, 2018

proteins and dairy proteins when creating a sports nutrition product.
"Dairy proteins are typically more
neutral in taste compared to plant proteins," said Brent Petersen, senior director, ingredients/bioactives, research and
development for Glanbia Nutritionals,
Chicago. "Dairy (proteins are) easy to flavor and lend themselves nicely to chocolate and vanilla flavors due to some of the
dairy flavor notes they provide. Typically
plant proteins offer more flavor challenges from some of the flavor off-notes that
naturally come with the product such as
beany or grassy. Plant proteins can also
provide a more grainy mouthfeel when
compared to a dairy protein like whey
Dairy proteins offer nine essential
amino acids and a high concentration
of B.C.A.A.s. Glanbia Nutritionals offers


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